Newsletter #1 - React!

Published by Michael Banzon on Mon Apr 17, 2017

This is the first weekly newsletter!

I’m just going to let that sink in! … … Yes! I’ll be sending out a weekly newsletter with links and comments to articles and news in general - and it is all going to be focused around full stack development.

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This week I’m going to start the show by directing your attention towards something that is very much on top of my mind: Frontend Javascript development using React and Redux etc.

During the past week this is all I’ve been doing - so I have gathered a few videos on the subject that I really recommend anyone to watch if you do any kind of frontend web development.

Introduction to React Redux

This video is with Dan Abramov - the creator of Redux - it is basically the (standard) todo list example (from every javascript frontend tutorial ever) but with some explaining to all the concepts.

Netflix JavaScript Talks - RxJS + Redux + React = Amazing!

This video is basically Jay Phelps giving you a short introduction to RxJS - the emerging standard (more about that in the video) - the natural evolution of the Redux patterns brought into context by examples from the Netflix UI - I especially like the cancellation og AJAX requests and the way the code gets a lot easier to read!

Redux: Simplifying Application State in JavaScript

The third and final video is Tim Griesser giving a more thorough run through of Redux and the way it can help you keep order in the chaos that is your frontend - the introduction of middleware is worth keeping in mind when you develop your own app(s).