Test, test, test. Automatically!

When software projects reach a certain size they should imho rely heavily on automated testing.

Manual testing is tedious and will lead to errors. Not testing would be bad.

Text Input ☕️

This research is good and the Material Design has been improved – overall this is a good tale on how to iterate the small things.

Load testing

A good article on load testing.

GUI testing is hard 😪

Testing a GUI is not trivial.

Is there any way to effectively test a rapidly evolving GUI without having dedicated humans, either writing and re-writing test code all the time, or doing testing on what-is?

Asking for a friend 🤷‍♀️

More testing in Go

This article is also about writing tests in Go.

I really like how comprehensive this is.

Testing, testing, testing!

This article has some small to-the-point statements about testing.

Just get started.

Testing is not easy 🪂

This article is a list of items that every tester should read.

I really like the risk vs. impact point – it just about sums up the most important point about testing and software development in general: does this even matter?