Testing methods + tools for SaaS 🚀

You might need to find tools to fit your solution – but this is a good starting reference.

Test types and their coverage 🚁

Good luck getting to 100% coverage! 😁

Debugging with a Duck 🦆

Rubber duck debugging is easy and effecient! 😁

One line = one week? 🤮

This is a good tale of a one-line-fix.

Sometimes you don’t have to make it so difficult!

Benefits of Usability Testing

This is one test type that is very often not done enough.

Professional testers ?‍♂️

Bottom line: Leave the job to the professionals! ?

Refactoring for testability

Just follow along – it is a very valid point.

Visually testing web

Websites and web apps alike – now visually testable.

Top 10 tops for testing

Number one: Do it.

Number two: Automate, so you don’t have to do it.

Testing Survival Tips

The most important one is number 3: Users come first!

Test Automation Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes. Here is a short article that will help you avoid the obvious mistakes of automatic testing.

Reproducible = fixable

Step one in fixing a bug is being able to reproduce it.

Security Testing

Just do it…

Read the myths first, hint: You are wrong.

Complete? Ok… ?

This looks like a very complete guide to software testing…

Running Lighthouse from code

Test often!

You can’t be clicking all the time.

Testing is not just testing

This article gets it right. Testing is just not testing. Test writing, performance and security all needs to be put on the backlog along with new features.

Automated tests 101

Five rules to get you started with automated testing.

Get the reviews started

Some good advice to start doing code reviews.

Test, test, test. Automatically!

When software projects reach a certain size they should imho rely heavily on automated testing.

Manual testing is tedious and will lead to errors. Not testing would be bad.

Text Input ☕️

This research is good and the Material Design has been improved – overall this is a good tale on how to iterate the small things.

Load testing

A good article on load testing.

GUI testing is hard ?

Testing a GUI is not trivial.

Is there any way to effectively test a rapidly evolving GUI without having dedicated humans, either writing and re-writing test code all the time, or doing testing on what-is?

Asking for a friend ?‍♀️

More testing in Go

This article is also about writing tests in Go.

I really like how comprehensive this is.

Testing, testing, testing!

This article has some small to-the-point statements about testing.

Just get started.

Testing is not easy ?

This article is a list of items that every tester should read.

I really like the risk vs. impact point – it just about sums up the most important point about testing and software development in general: does this even matter?