Full text search engine in Python 🤯

This is such a cool project.

RasPi doorbell ?

This project is awesome!!! ?


Nice little utility. Visualization is key to relatively interpreting data.


This is indeed a very cool app – I can see many types of development being supported by this.

I like the option that you can buy it from the App Store – or just build it yourself for free. Convenience will cost you. That seems fair.

In-browser Markdown

And it’s fast!


A modern ls

This is one of those projects everybody should write at some point.

(Just the ls part…)


This is cool!

  1. It is Go ?
  2. It is open source ?
  3. It is massive and practical data crunching ?

Volume up!

I love hardware projects and this one is no exception!

Building a Pokédex

React. GraphQL.

Buzzwords, gotta catch ’em all!

DUF – disk usage made amazing

I love this project!

OpenJDK on GitHub

Very big repositories are hard to move.

Very big projects are even harder!

Good work!

Boot into Minesweeper

This! Project! Is! Awesome!

Notes CLI

This is a small lovely project!

It is (of course) written in Go.

Simple CLI in Go

Go is really one of my favourite languages. Especially for CLIs.

IRC Server in Go ?