Authentication in React – JWT

This is not limited to React – but a nice guide that shows how you can do it.

Full text search engine in Python 🀯

This is such a cool project.

Finally escaping Node – a small tale 😡

There is no doubt that Javascript sometimes feels like a stretch for the backend.

Making JavaScript readable by humans πŸ€“

Style can give you much in readability.

Good comparison of React Native vs. native apps πŸ™„

You really have to choose what is right for you…

5 cery common mistakes in Go 🀒

Everybody has done this!

5 awesome features of C# πŸ‘“

I bet you didn’t know all of them!

Creating touples in Python 🐍

Programming maths is awesome in Python.

Go generics is actually cool and easy 🀯

This small nice guide will give you just what you need to get started.

go:embed is live now! Easy file embedding in your binaries ❀

Don’t put your context in structs 😳

It makes sense – it will only lead to confusion!

Technical insight into how Go handles HTTP requests πŸš€

If you really want to know how it works.

A nice guide to dependency injection ⭐

I like it. But is JS/TS really the best option for illustrating this?

State machines = bug free code?

If your code is bug free please hmu

Javascript Clipboard Access! Finally!! 😍

This API is slick and actually supported!

Embedding in Go got way more easy 😡

Embedding files in Go programs just got waaaaaay more easy!

Generics in Go πŸ˜„πŸŽ†

Here we Go….

Copy/paste in Javascript 🀯

This is easy!

Node.js benefits πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ

This article sums up the benefits of doing backends in Node.js πŸ€“

Dive into interfaces πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ

Nice and short article about interfaces and what they do.


Javascript made JSON win. Trying to make a web page parse XML is a chore.

Go on ARM

The future is ARM – or at least the future is an environment of more than one processor architecture!

Use Rust for your next project

Do you really need 7 reasons?

Cleaner Javascript 🧹

Most of these goes for most other languages as well.

Inf / 2 = 1.5 ?? wtf Ruby

This is really quite logical – binary logic ?‍♀️

11 Python frameworks ?

We are always looking for new/better frameworks!

Beautiful console apps

This library enable very beatiful console apps.

Go is great

But why?!

This short article tries to answer that question.

Fullstack .NET developer?

This article gives the details along with pros and cons of becoming a fullstack .NET developer.

Desktop apps with Electron

Good guide on how to get started building responsive desktop apps with Electron.

Creating immutable class in Java

Smal clean article. Just read it.

Build WinForms app to single file ?

Short and easy guide on how to compile even a Dotnet WinForms project to a single .EXE file you can distribute.

The price of knowledge

Knowing how to code is to live a life in pain.

Blazor + Enterprise = ?

Spoiler: Just use it already!

Go + MySQL ??

A short nice to-the-point tutorial demonstrating how to connect to MySQL, create a table and inserting data into it. All in Go.

Languages that will die

I remember predicting that PHP would die – that was 20 years ago.

The only language on the list that is surely going to die – but it’s not like it will disappear completely though – is Objective-C. It was always kinda only used on the Apple powered platforms and since Apple is replacing it with Swift everywhere there is no longer any use for it. It will fade away.

Common Vue.js mistakes

Make sure you don’t make ’em…

Background Workers in JS

Kinda neat….

Racing the conditions of .NET

These examples are nice and short. Your guide to safe multithreading in .NET ?

Programming language electricity usage

This is a very detailed analysis of the power usage of different programming languages.

Python Won Science

Of course! Because it is awesome!

Start with Next.js

It seems like it’s the future!

How Javascript engines work

The big picture.

More init() in Go

Neat. But please don’t use init()

Excel + Rust

Making Excel files in Rust seems easy enough.

JSX in React 17

This is going to be awesome! Not having to import React in every file is going to save about a million lines, right?

Comparing strings in Go

This is a very comprehensive study!

Go on Android and iOS

Cool. Cool cool cool.

AST in Go

You can do very cool things with this.

I have mostly seen code generation, but still – very cool things!

Go package versioning ?

I am too a fanboy – and I must admit that it is not easy!

Sometimes backwards compatibility sucks!

Functional rewrite

This is a nice article describing the process of rewriting a React app to functional components.

HTTP, JS, WebAssemble, Go

This is a very comprehensive guide into going WebAssembly doing HTTP and Promises in JavaScript through Go. Check it out.

Regex in Go ?

This is a good introduction!

Adding numbers on computers

Why is 0.1 + 0.2 != 0.3

PHP Namespaces 101

Namespaces in PHP aren’t new but they are indeed useful.

Promised Coolness ?

Javascript is actually pretty awesome.

Build an C#.NET API

Small smart guide that gets straight to the point.

Reflection on type systems

These are soom good deep thoughts.

Go v2 modules has a problem

It’s true – this is not easy to get right at all.

Analyzing Apples Work

I love this analysis.

This is the natural progression – Apple also needs to adopt their own tools.

Go repo structure

Neat ?


Back when computers where slow these interfaces where fast. They are still usable, but now they are blazingly fast. And they come with ZERO dependencies.

PDO is the future

I was raised with old school PHP development. Back then everything was pretty straight forward – you called functions and got values in return. PDO is really not that different – but it is the future.

Recording Audio

A good tutorial on recording audio with React Native.

Go Concurrency is (also) hard

This is a good example of the fact: Concurrency is hard.

Django is… magic…

… and Python is magic. Good magic.

Jamstack quickie!

Nice short article on getting stuff up and running with Netlify and Airtable.

Redux your app

This article is a very comprehensive real-life guide to setting up your real-world application with Redux as data store.

Create a VM

Super good article on how to create your own virtual machine.

Finding yourself in Dotnet Core

Short and effective – how to find the directory your application is in.

Comparing Go routers ?

This is a very good article summarizing performance of different routing solutions for your Go HTTP server.

Promises in Javascript

The allSettled function is really really nice ?

Less code = less bugs

I have only developed Android apps in Java (it has been a while) but Kotlin seems so much better just by the looks.

Same as Swift vs Objective-C for iOS/macOS development!

C# improves Lambdas

These a small but very good changes. Most welcome indeed.

Custom Hooks βš“οΈ

This is clever!

React projects are suddenly so much more tidy!

Optional JSON in Go

JSON marshaling/unmarshaling still doesn’t fit quite right with me – I don’t know how to fix it, but reflection is definately an issue.

Interfaces in Go 1.14

This proposal will make interfaces even more awesome.

Load balancer in Java

I can’t help comparing this to Go. Sooooooo much code ??‍♀️

PHP for 25 years ?

Wether you love it or hate it PHP is dominating.

This timeline is amazing.

User Feedback ?

Requesting user feedback should be considered carefully. This describes some ways to do it in React Native.

Go Module Compatibility Guide ?

Go modules are shaping up to be very nice.

Awesome Go Errors ?

Valid points.

Error handling in Go might seem verbose – but it is simple and effective and easy to understand!

Rust ?

Why is Rust so loved?

Developers using Rust seem to love it a lot – here is why.

Javascript is funky ?

These examples are all fantastic – javascript is great!

Generics in Go ?

This is an example of implementing a hashtable with generics based on the current draft design.

It is looking good.

Handle errors in Go ?

Some good advice!

Secrets! In .NET ?

Everyone should have their secrets!

WebAssembly in Go

This is a very good introduction.

WebAssembly is an output target of the Go compiler – this changes everything!

Choosing a programming language ?

At least these are some parameters to choose from and not just a list of languages you should go with.

Data on Go vs Java

I find this test good. It would be more easy to just get a simple result – a recommendation of what to use. But this is just the data – take it or leave it.

Format the code

Great article on the creation of dartfmt.


Usually PHP is run through a server.

We tend to forget that PHP can be run as plain ol’ scripts.

JSON in Go

I like the touch with the custom type.

Custom types are nice.

The Waiting Game…

A small writeup on how to wait for goroutines (in Go).

Good stuff.

Dancing Gophers

This is cool.

Very cool!

Unicode your code

Go is funny this way. Node is funny this way. Python is funny this way.

It is actually kinda usefull to have function and variable names ??‍♀️

Dip your toes in PHP ?

If you haven’t tried PHP ever, please do.

It might be old. It might not be sexy. But it works.

Hello World ?

These examples of “Hello World” are getting silly.

I like it.

Snake! ?

Just learn Python.

It can honestly be used for everything you desire.

Rust ➑️ Go ?‍♂️

This article is the impressions of Go from a Rust programmers perspective.

Though the article says “early” it is actually somewhat comprehensive.

Time in Go ?

This article has some nice points about keeping time and referencing dates in Go.

Just remember it is fine to make new types. And time.Time isn’t for dates ?

Go executable size ?

This article about the size of compiled Go binaries is very comprehensive.

There are some design choices and we must discuss if they are the correct ones…

Small ducks ?

I rather enjoy these discussions on ducks and such.

I have often heard the phrase β€œyes but Go is duck typed” – but what does that even mean??

This article gives you a good brush up!