Explaining the internet

I absolutely love this!

This is from 0 to full knowledge on the internet – fantastic!

Against the modern web

There are some good points in the article – it is kinda sad that at some point browsers like Links was working perfectly fine and now they only deliver an acceptable pageview in a small percentage of cases.

Disk Partitions 📓

The story of disk partitions is long and …. quite simple 🤷‍♀️

History is cool 🦦

The early days of the internet spawned so much cool technology

Universal Binaries 🥵

These binaries are awesome.

You can really pack a lot in there.

It is incredible that you can actually combine binaries for every processor in the history of the mac.

Pike on Go

This is a great interview with Rob Pike.

Emulating small hardware 🎭

I love these kinds of projects!

Fun and entertaining!

GW Basic is open source! 🐱‍👤

I started programming using GW Basic!

Relax – it’s free beer 🍻

There seems to be a growing trend to think of software as having no actual value.

Everything is free – you can use complete office suites for free and download a ton of apps and games on all your platforms for free. You’ll never have to pay for anything.

Maybe it’s time to step back and realize the thruth in these two statements:

  1. If it is free, you are the product
  2. You get what you pay for

Bring back blogs! 😾

Yet another “bring back the old internet and especially blogs” article.

We are getting there slowly – hopefully.

Bring Back RSS 🦢

RSS isn’t dead but there is a point here – start using it more.

I kinda wish that all people had it more easy with RSS – much like podcasts – this could give RSS a second wind.

History of the URL 🌍

This is a rather long blogpost about the history of the URL.

I find all of the story around the creation of the internet and the world wide web, along with email, usenet eg. in between extremely fascinating.

This is truly the foundation which future generations will build upon.