Monitor info for devs! 👩‍💻

A good monitor is key – after all you are looking at it 30-35 hours per day 😁

On Rosetta2

The Rosetta layer is a fantastic peice of engineering!

It was good when it let you run PowerPC applications on your Intel processor – version 2 will let you run Intel applications on your future Apple Arm Silicon.

The most excceptional thing about this is the translate-at-install function – you’ll never know the difference!

N64 was glorious 🙏

This article takes you through all the architecture of the Nintendo 64 machine.

It was a glorious time.

Mechanical Keyboard Guide

This is a very comprehensive guide.

I like my mechanical keyboard so much!

A lot of pie

These Raspberry Pi clusters are truly amazing.

And they take up so little space – every home should have one.

Old hardware archeology 🔬

Truly fascinating!

I remember this hardware! 🤓

Build a phone 🛠

I think that most everyday users would have a good time building their own tools.

A phone might not be the most obvious candidate though 🤷‍♀️

CSI in the machine 🕵️‍♀️

This is a cool story about some forensics!

This story has it all! It is some cool learning about how filesystems and the Zoom device works – along with some learnings about audio/wave files.

I remember debugging a FAT12 driver for Linux back in the early 2000’s – fun times!

Hot CPU 🥵

This is a very interresting question!

Can you actually overheat your computer by running the CPU at 100% workload??

Noice cancellation on-a-chip

It makes sense to have noise cancellation as a part of the standard chips that is produced and used in everything.

Quallcom seems to have a leg up on everyone in the business and constantly seem to be embedding new features into they chips 🎉🥳

PS5 Controller 🎮

I absolutely adore the controllers for the whole PlayStation console lineup. Since the first launch the design has been very consistent.

When you pick up the first analog PlayStation controller (the dual shock) you can easily see the evolution – instantly recognizable.

MacBooks bricked 🤷‍♀️

This is really bad.

The hardware stack is full of software 🤯

This still shouldn’t happen. Really not.