Hummer + Unreal Engine

Of course!

Unreal Engine and Unity are actually very great at building user interfaces.

SEGA Master System

I love these teardowns of older consoles. I had one of these!

AI in Flight Simulator

This is a good example on how to use AI in games – boosting realism.

Building game servers

You should probably start by building a game 🤷‍♀️😀

Review: New Crash Bandicoot is not that new

I guess games launched right in the months before a new console generation would have a tendency to be kinda forgotten.

Board game platform

This is cool.

Physical board games with pieces you can touch and feel is good. This is useful and can be made very accessible.

Cheater Island

Sounds like a reality TV show but I love the idea.

The cheaters have also bought the game and this is a way to punish them while allowing them to keep playing. Neat.

PS5 Tech

This is a good runthrough of the tech in the PS5.

Inside the PS5!

Fantastic video!

This hardware is truly amazing! Next gen!

Fallout 76 on Linux

Argument One: It’s the same hardware, it should run!
Argument Two: No!

I love the effort put into this.

Minecraft server on RasPi4

The only problem running a Minecraft Server on the Raspberry Pi – or any undersized hardware like that is that you loose ticks.

This leads to very odd behavior in game – especially with a few people in the world.

Overclocking the RasPi4 seems…. Unsafe…

Xbox – Windows synergy

Very cool to see technology drip back up stream into Windows from Xbox!

SNES game!! 🥳

I love this so much!

From the software to the hardware! I love everything about this!

Game in notepad? 🗒

Text based games aren’t that common anymore – but they can still be fun. And they can be very fun to make.

This is very cool and amazing.