Conditional rendering React

Just to make it clear – this is how you can do it.

Animation in CSS 🃏

This is a good article that shows how to make beautiful animations with CSS.

Animations are a precision game – you need to get it just right before it looks and feels good – there is no 70% done.

Cool Page Flips

This is a cool library for React!

Page flipping – and a demo.

The Suspense is killing me 🙄

React gets new features like this in every version and it is good to read up on the new stuff every now and then.


Let’s bust some myths about Jamstack!

State in React 🤓

Read this article if you have problems with state, timing etc. in your React applications – that means, if you work with React you should read this.

Styling React Components 🎨

There are various ways to style React components – all with pros and cons.

Rage Against Dark Patterns 😡

They are called dark patterns because they are not liked by anyone.

They are used because they work.

Language in software 🗨

Multi-lingual software is actually not a trivial task.

There is considerable work in keep translations up to date when evolving the software.

Serverless blog ✏️

I great short article on how to get started with a blog – hosted on Netlify and created with Gatsby – in true serverless manner.

I love Netlify. I love Gatsby. I think you will too.

Dark Mode CSS

This is a neat little trick to have dark mode specific images.

Everything should support dark mode now!

Gauge this! 📈

This is an awesome introduction!

Creating a gauge in React – in SVG.

I absolutely love everything about this!

Numeric input 🔢

This is some nifty tricks for numeric input in your HTML 👏

Web dev checklists ✔

This is the most comprehensive list of checklists I have seen to date 👩‍💻