Authentication in React – JWT

This is not limited to React – but a nice guide that shows how you can do it.

React Functional Components + State Management

Yet another article about managing state in functional React components.

Using persistant Redux store

Persisting data seems useful 😁

Start making graphs with C3.js 📊

Nice simple guide!

How does Redux work? 🤷‍♀️🚀

This is another nice and short article that describe very clearly what you need to understand about Redux reducers.

Desktop apps with Electron

Good guide on how to get started building responsive desktop apps with Electron.

Refreshing the Windows UI

Big ships like Windows doesn’t make sharp turns very well. The amount of users alone is enough to make most development teams be resistant to changing the UI – remember everyone uses Windows and many of them doesn’t know, like or care about technology.

GUI apps in WSL

This will make the use of graphical apps on WSL a joy – imagine running your browser from a container ?

Imagine running your browser from a new container every time you start it!! ?????

Hummer + Unreal Engine

Of course!

Unreal Engine and Unity are actually very great at building user interfaces.

React + TypeScript + Redux Toolkit

= a good time?

It is as cool as it sounds.

How to become a UX designer

Everyone making software should know a little UX design.

Building a Pokédex

React. GraphQL.

Buzzwords, gotta catch ’em all!

Wikipedia is changing layout

This is a world class event.

Put React in Docker ?

Cool. Cool cool cool.

GIF everywhere!

Is it just me or has everything got support for animated GIFs now?


Back when computers where slow these interfaces where fast. They are still usable, but now they are blazingly fast. And they come with ZERO dependencies.

Responsive comparison

These are some neat tools to check rendering in different screen sizes.

Hire a frontender?

I see the point – normally I’d be “hey fullstack please”, but frontend development goes back and forth and to have a perfect frontend you need a dedicated resource to focus on making it perfect.

Like any craft frontend development needs experts.

Product tours in React ?‍?

Product tours can be a very effective tool to teach new users how to get around your app/site.

100% of what?!

This article is an awesome peice of information and interactivity!

Find out what 100% even means in CSS!

omg graphs ?

This catalogue is awesome!

inline-block ?‍♀️

This article sums up quite nicely when to use inline-block (in CSS) and what elements could benefit from it.

Don’t change location ?

This has been the gold standard for years!

WebRTC is cool ?

Seriously – WebRTC is some cool technology – I can’t even begin to imagine how many awesome things can be made with this!

And this Javascript library makes it very easy! ☕️

Good-to-know CSS ?

This is all very very good information for anyone dealing with CSS.

Many of the points here is something we all should be able to answer but probably aren’t!

Optimizing React apps ?‍♀️

Key takeaway: Do less work!

Shoelace! ?

Is this a Bootstrap killer?

It’s not as extensise as Bootstrap – but that might actually be a good thing!

I like this library!

Text Input ☕️

This research is good and the Material Design has been improved – overall this is a good tale on how to iterate the small things.

Custom Hooks ⚓️

This is clever!

React projects are suddenly so much more tidy!

React Hooks are awesome ?‍❤️‍?

Check out the examples in this article – React hooks are so neat.

HOC in React


Simple and neat…

Converting to Gatsby ✅

Gatsby has the ability to interface with most other stuff – it is really nice.

The sites build in Gatsy seem modern and performant ??

CSS Variables ?

Simple and very usable!

Conditional rendering React

Just to make it clear – this is how you can do it.

Animation in CSS ?

This is a good article that shows how to make beautiful animations with CSS.

Animations are a precision game – you need to get it just right before it looks and feels good – there is no 70% done.

Cool Page Flips

This is a cool library for React!

Page flipping – and a demo.

The Suspense is killing me ?

React gets new features like this in every version and it is good to read up on the new stuff every now and then.


Let’s bust some myths about Jamstack!

State in React ?

Read this article if you have problems with state, timing etc. in your React applications – that means, if you work with React you should read this.

Styling React Components ?

There are various ways to style React components – all with pros and cons.

Rage Against Dark Patterns ?

They are called dark patterns because they are not liked by anyone.

They are used because they work.

Language in software ?

Multi-lingual software is actually not a trivial task.

There is considerable work in keep translations up to date when evolving the software.

Serverless blog ✏️

I great short article on how to get started with a blog – hosted on Netlify and created with Gatsby – in true serverless manner.

I love Netlify. I love Gatsby. I think you will too.

Dark Mode CSS

This is a neat little trick to have dark mode specific images.

Everything should support dark mode now!

Gauge this! ?

This is an awesome introduction!

Creating a gauge in React – in SVG.

I absolutely love everything about this!

Numeric input ?

This is some nifty tricks for numeric input in your HTML ?

Web dev checklists ✔

This is the most comprehensive list of checklists I have seen to date ?‍?