Number systems primer – all you need to know

Binary, heximal, decimal – you have it all.

Plan your data migration

Everything starts with a good plan.

AWS Gateway Load Balancer

yay! More infrastructure options!

Azure Functions from PowerShell

There is truly power in that shell!

Home Pi Cluster

Start with a heartbeat! Cool little project to get a Raspberry Pi home cluster up and running.

Service Reliability ?

Set goals. Track metrics. Execute!

Automatic DevOps with GitHub ?

GitHub Actions is really taking off ?

QEMU is awesome

It really is. Here is a short guide how to mount disk images in it.

Generel introduction to Cloud Computing ☁

This article really gets you around all the definitions and details.

CI with GitHub Actions

This is a very comprehensive article.

Space Grade OS

This is a fascinating story about the operating system that runs space missions.

File permissions in Linux

A small guide to get you started and get you secure.

JAMstack + WordPress

The dynamic duo! Read about why it is so awesome!

Monitoring dotnet apps

I like the built in ability to monitor in K8s environments.

Famous DDoS attacks

This is a scary list for anyone running a service marketed on realiability.

Scaling WordPress

Step one: Know you have a problem!

This guide helps you identify scaling issues with your hosting solution.

ProxySQL + delay

A proxy can really save the day.

Linux Version?

Short and sweet – how to get the version of kernel eg. in Linux.

12 factor app explained

Point by point.

Protocol vs Profit

Different protocols have different data usage – this is an interresting discussion.

Log last

It is a valid point – log files are not good for lookup.

App Platform? ?‍♀️

Even though it sound a bit generic it is awesome and deservces the second mention.

Updating WSL instances



The right ? for the job?

Maybe it shouldn’t be “all or nothing”… Serverless has it’s place, as well as beefy racks of metal!

… and passwords on sticky notes

Just don’t keep your secrets in your repository. Period.

Digital Ocean is taking off ?

DO has a new App platform – looks very much like Heroku eg. – it is nice!

K8s + Orchestration 101

Once again Scott Hanselman absolutely nails the 101!

Docker without the hub

I needed this!

DevOps tools

We should get to know our new friends.

Automatic Package Publishing

Neat trick.

Put React in Docker ?

Cool. Cool cool cool.

Minecraft server on RasPi4

The only problem running a Minecraft Server on the Raspberry Pi – or any undersized hardware like that is that you loose ticks.

This leads to very odd behavior in game – especially with a few people in the world.

Overclocking the RasPi4 seems…. Unsafe…

Shopify Rewrite

This is a great story about a performance driven rewrite.

Anyone with a little interrest in software architecture and/or software performance should read this.

Scaling with few resources

This is a fantastic tale on how to manage your resources when scaling. A very good read.

Deconstructing a monolith ?

A nice article on how to deconstruct your monolith and end up with microservices.

Tune MySQL on Linux ?

This is some quick and easy tricks to tune your MySQL running on Linux.

Plugins to Netlify

I still love Netlify a lot!

This site runs on Netlify!

Plugins have a lot of usecases – this article gives a small look into the world of Netlify build plugins.

Install PHP on Ubuntu

This small tutorial shows you how to install PHP on Ubuntu.

systemd isn’t going anywhere!

Here is a short article on the history and reasoning behind both the love and hate towards systemd.

Logging in Go ?

This is applicable in other languages as well.

Monitoring .NET ?

This looks like a fantastic tool!

Just Bash! ?

This seems like an awesome tool!

It’s just Bash!

File Recovery Tool ?

This is an amazing new tool.

Instrumentation in Go ?

Neat tricks. Valid points. Go do.

SSH tips

Some good tricks for working with SSH.

Commit messages are hard

This article has a few tips on how to (and also important: how not to) write your commit messages.

It’s a bit like coding conventions but for description of code changes.

systemd vs cron ⏰

After reading this I might consider using systemd timers instead of cron.

But cron is everywhere though…

Container without OS ?

Containers often contain the overhead of having a full kernel inside them.

That isn’t even remotely needed – read how in the article.

Psycology of software updates ?

This is an interresting study!

The reason isn’t that shocking though – we defer updates because our work isn’t to update.

This also explains why the IT dep. is very focused on updating! ?

SSH into Windows 10

This article (by the fantastic Scott Hanselman) shows how you can set your Windows 10 machine up as an OpenSSH Server.

Simple and to-the-point!

From AWS to Heroku ?

This tale is a good one – moving from AWS to Heroku, considering the other cloud options like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

I really like PaaS – the thought of deploying code and ending up with upgraded infrastructure is very nice!

It’s been a year or so since I have run anything on Heroku myself – but it might be time soon.

Backup WordPress ?

A short nice tutorial on how to backup your WordPress-site!

Half the internet is powered by WordPress – please do your backups ?‍?

Passwords on GitHub ?

It is a good move – access tokes are clearly the way forward!

YAML is complex ?

It is a very important note that the formats – used for configuration etc. – is actually programming languages in their own rights.

Please be careful.

MacBooks bricked ?‍♀️

This is really bad.

The hardware stack is full of software ?

This still shouldn’t happen. Really not.

Web dev checklists ✔

This is the most comprehensive list of checklists I have seen to date ?‍?

Logging in Go ?

A nice short introduction to logging in Go.

I can’t recommend logrus enough. It is a really nice package.

Go Security checklist ?

This is an awesome checklist ??

Zoom is feeling the heat ♨

Zoom is getting a lot of tracktion these days with everyone in the world being cut off from going to their offices etc. ??‍??‍?

With all that attention comes some skillful eyes ? looking into almost every aspect of their business and most importantly their software.

I’m not a security expert – but in my humble opinion there must be a fire ? somewhere with all this smoke! Zoom has some security issues! ?

Brace youselves: Windows Update incoming!

A new major update to Windows is imminent!

Personally I am looking forward to WSL2, the new Notepad and the new Task Manager!

Sometimes major updates are small like this – and that is fine!