UML, and why you still need it 🤩🤷‍♀️

UML might be old school – but it is still school!!

Node.js benefits 🏄‍♂️

This article sums up the benefits of doing backends in Node.js 🤓

Formal Markdown spec

Markdown might be the most underrated tool you’ll use every day.

This article really kicks you off in the right direction 🚀

Use flowcharts

Visualizing your code and the flow of logic is extremely useful!

Azure Functions from PowerShell

There is truly power in that shell!

Find you bottleneck

This article describes how to identify (on Linux) where in your system the bottleneck is.

Fullstack .NET developer?

This article gives the details along with pros and cons of becoming a fullstack .NET developer.

Desktop apps with Electron

Good guide on how to get started building responsive desktop apps with Electron.

Build WinForms app to single file ?

Short and easy guide on how to compile even a Dotnet WinForms project to a single .EXE file you can distribute.

Site generator benchmark

This is interresting.

Hugo is crazy fast!

Automatic DevOps with GitHub ?

GitHub Actions is really taking off ?

QEMU is awesome

It really is. Here is a short guide how to mount disk images in it.

Deno vs. Node.js ?

3… 2… 1… FIGHT!

Or don’t! There should be plenty of room for both!

Autocomplete Windows CLI

Scott Hanselman – once again – to the rescue with a nice short guide that has incredible relevance!

Blazor + Enterprise = ?

Spoiler: Just use it already!

Improve you debugging

Debugging software require you to be an investigator ??‍♀️

Common Vue.js mistakes

Make sure you don’t make ’em…

CI with GitHub Actions

This is a very comprehensive article.

Command Line completion in Windows

Once again Scott Hanselman with a small and to-the-point tutorial!

File permissions in Linux

A small guide to get you started and get you secure.

Refreshing the Windows UI

Big ships like Windows doesn’t make sharp turns very well. The amount of users alone is enough to make most development teams be resistant to changing the UI – remember everyone uses Windows and many of them doesn’t know, like or care about technology.

JAMstack + WordPress

The dynamic duo! Read about why it is so awesome!

This is indeed a very cool app – I can see many types of development being supported by this.

I like the option that you can buy it from the App Store – or just build it yourself for free. Convenience will cost you. That seems fair.

GUI apps in WSL

This will make the use of graphical apps on WSL a joy – imagine running your browser from a container ?

Imagine running your browser from a new container every time you start it!! ?????

Monitoring dotnet apps

I like the built in ability to monitor in K8s environments.

Spot security holes on commit

GitHub is really ramping up the offering and showing what can be done automatically.

JuliaMono Font

New. Fresh. Cool.

Diagnose dotnet core

And it is even cross platform!

seq is amazing

Cool tool.

Command line is awesome!

Development Machines

Looking at a future where development machines doesn’t have to be beefy and expensive feels great!

Start Wireframing!

Here is your guide.

Split+resize Windows Terminal

It is 2020 and the best Terminal is on…. Windows? Wait what?!

Installing Power BI

Good guide…

VS Code everywhere?!

RaspberryPi and Chromebook native VS Code? What’s not to like!?

App Platform? ?‍♀️

Even though it sound a bit generic it is awesome and deservces the second mention.

Updating WSL instances



WebComponents failed?

Are WebComponents a failed solution to the wrong problem?

Hugo is good

My websites was made with Hugo before switching to Gatsby.

Hugo has the advantage that it produce clean HTML with no fancy stuff.

What is git rebase?

Short and to.the-point guide to rebasing!

Compressing Files

Nice short guide on compression on Linux.

Building a Pokédex

React. GraphQL.

Buzzwords, gotta catch ’em all!

… and passwords on sticky notes

Just don’t keep your secrets in your repository. Period.

Edge integration in everything

Microsoft is for work. It works for private stuff too though.

Deploying Automatically

GitHub Actions are awesome.

Automatic deployment is absolutely a thing you need.

Go v2 modules has a problem

It’s true – this is not easy to get right at all.

The inevitable product upgrade

Slack is getting better. Voice channel is the number one thing I am currently missing (compared to Discord eg.).

Alternatives for the RasPi

It is always fun to experiment with other distributions and ways to set up the Raspberry Pi – it is truly capable of being a real computer for most of your work.

Digital Ocean is taking off ?

DO has a new App platform – looks very much like Heroku eg. – it is nice!

Analyzing Apples Work

I love this analysis.

This is the natural progression – Apple also needs to adopt their own tools.


NPM 7 is getting more features focused around project management. Great.

K8s + Orchestration 101

Once again Scott Hanselman absolutely nails the 101!

Running Lighthouse from code

Test often!

You can’t be clicking all the time.

Packing up software

Well…. Packaging software for multiple operating system seems easy enough…

Docker without the hub

I needed this!

DevOps tools

We should get to know our new friends.

Automatic Package Publishing

Neat trick.

Product Thinking

Seems simple enough.

Half Life of knowledge

Last week year we where all making desktop applications and applets in Java ?‍♀️

Put React in Docker ?

Cool. Cool cool cool.

Everyone Codes?

Apple Automator anyone?

Go repo structure

Neat ?

PDO is the future

I was raised with old school PHP development. Back then everything was pretty straight forward – you called functions and got values in return. PDO is really not that different – but it is the future.

Xbox – Windows synergy

Very cool to see technology drip back up stream into Windows from Xbox!

VS Code rules! ?

This article describes why!

CLI GitHub ?

This! Is! Super! Awesome!

Responsive comparison

These are some neat tools to check rendering in different screen sizes.

User Stories are hard

It is not trivial to make great user stories that serve their purpose throughout a diverse team.

Changing team composition furthermore leaves the user stories with a set of changing requirements.

Software Supply Chain

This is a very good guide by Microsoft!

Guide to Windows Terminal

This is an awesome guide!

Redux your app

This article is a very comprehensive real-life guide to setting up your real-world application with Redux as data store.

Learn VIM ✍

VIM is, and has always been, a very important skill to learn.

Put color on you CLI

This is nice and short but shows you how to put color on everything ?

WebRTC is cool ?

Seriously – WebRTC is some cool technology – I can’t even begin to imagine how many awesome things can be made with this!

And this Javascript library makes it very easy! ☕️

Shoelace! ?

Is this a Bootstrap killer?

It’s not as extensise as Bootstrap – but that might actually be a good thing!

I like this library!

Text Input ☕️

This research is good and the Material Design has been improved – overall this is a good tale on how to iterate the small things.

Profile README ?

GitHub is awesome.

Now it let’s you make a README in markdown for you profile page!

Linux for development

Comparing Linux distros for development purpose.

There is no doubt in my mind that Linux is the best development environment.

Both macOS and Windows are getting there though – the Unix background of macOS and WSL on Windows really moves them forward.

Failing to be a developer ?

My best advice is to have a project – with no purpose it will be very difficult to learn anything…

Record your work ?

This might be a cool idea!

GitHub Super Linter ?

Available through GitHub actions – this is very powerful!

Testing React Apps ?

A comprehensive and practical guide to testing your React apps!

The overhead of Docker ?

A small article that gives you a glimpse of the overhead of running your development setup through Docker on macOS.

Python on a plane? ?

I’m afraid to say this: Python like this looks a bit like Nodejs ?‍♀️

On commit messages ?

We could all learn from this and write better commit messages.

Fixed something isn’t good enough??

RasPi IDEs ?

The Raspberry Pi is a great development platform – and these are the tools you want in that toolbox.

Debugging Go

Delve is smart and good.

Debugging is awesome – no print statements needed.

Branching out

These are some good rules for your git branches.

VS Code Setup

This article has a nice list of stuff to do when configuring VS Code.

Use the bits you like.

Tips for VS Code

These are GOLD!

Package Manager for Windows ?

This is some good news.

A modern OS should have an official package manager.

Windows has several package managers – I tend to use HomeBrew through WSL. This might be better though.

The future is a photo ?

I have seen some demos in UR5 and they look absolutely amazing!

Notifications on GitHub ?

Notifications on GitHub has been given a big brush up! I like it! And I like the inbox-like approuch to my GitHub-work.

Building Firefox ?

This article is a great insight into how Firefox is built and developed.

Building a browser is no small project – especially when you want to be in the front line of performance and standard compliance.

Google vs. Sun, and Java ?

This case has been going on for long enough already – can we all just move along and try to make relevant products for users??


20 VS Code must haves ?

I am really a sucker for articles/lists as this one.

I can’t seem to remember back when development was done either in a large expensive IDE that couldn’t be changed OR in a simple text editor that couldn’t be changed OR on Unix/Linux where you could just go RTFM!

Streaming go test -v ?

Output of go test -v is now streamed real time – this is really a huge step up for Go developers.

Notepad Hype! ?

The new Notepad app for Windows 10 is here!

Word wrapping and search/replace is supported!!! This is exciting times indeed!

All jokes aside – Microsoft seems to be moving many of these core apps into the store which might serve a dual purpose: Move them to alternate update cycles and have them deliver their own promises to users AND making everyone aware that Windows 10 actually have an app store ?‍♀️

Markdown for documentation ?

I agree that Markdowns 1-to-1 relationship with HTML is problematic at best.

Markdown is really good at what it does – it is somewhat easy to learn and it is widespread already.

Introducing new alternatives at this point – even though they might be better – might prove a pointless effort.

You now have n! problems ?

Microservices are talked about as it’s the best thing to happen in computing ever.

Most time I can’t stop thinking that my stack leaves me with a problem but if I split it into n microservices I’ll have n! problems… And my core product ain’t one…

LiveShare you dev ?

LiveShare is one of the most undervalued features of VS Code!

WSL2 is on it’s way! ?

Windows update 2004 can’t come fast enough!

WSL2 is looking to be on point for developers and enthusiasts alike!

Nifty tool for Go ?

Diago is a nifty little tool for analyzing CPU and/or memory performance/usage in programs written in Go.

It is written in Go itself – which is also very impressive (UI binding to a library written mostly in C++ though).

Passwords on GitHub ?

It is a good move – access tokes are clearly the way forward!

GitHub App ❤️

The official GitHub app was just released!

I have only given the app a small test run ? around the block and merged a few pull requests ?‍♀️ It is really good! ?

The mobile version of the GitHub web interface is generally good. This is even better!