Refactoring for testability

Just follow along – it is a very valid point.

The history of macOS

The NeXT was truly amazing. A machine for the future.

Learnability in webdesign

This is a must read!

Let the users learn how you interact with them!

Monolith to microservices: Learnings

I like the first one: Maybe don’t. 😎

How to become a UX designer

Everyone making software should know a little UX design.

12 factor app explained

Point by point.

API Design Principles

Get them while they are fresh!

GIF everywhere!

Is it just me or has everything got support for animated GIFs now?

Responsive comparison

These are some neat tools to check rendering in different screen sizes.

Icons in apps

This article does a fantastic job on showing how to use icons in apps.

User Stories are hard

It is not trivial to make great user stories that serve their purpose throughout a diverse team.

Changing team composition furthermore leaves the user stories with a set of changing requirements.

stupid !== !smart

I wouldn’t call the code stupid – but the point is that you shouldn’t try and make fancy smart huge oneliners and clever contructs that are hard to understand for outsiders.

Code you want to support

This is a good rule of thumb – write the code you yourself would want to support. Forever.

SQL Treasure Chest

This article is a treasure chest of good advice on how to architect your database and queries.

Architecture of web apps?

Introduction to web application architecture.

Can’t we just call it application architecture at this point? 🤷‍♀️

omg graphs 📊

This catalogue is awesome!

Sleeping vs Tickers ⌚

There is an important difference!

Good-to-know CSS 🩺

This is all very very good information for anyone dealing with CSS.

Many of the points here is something we all should be able to answer but probably aren’t!

Text Input ☕️

This research is good and the Material Design has been improved – overall this is a good tale on how to iterate the small things.

A Case against Dark Mode

Well…. I’d be damned….

Dark mode might not be the best choice after all.

Structuring Go Webserver 👷‍♀️

This is certainly one way to do it.

The inspiration from C# and .NET can clearly be observed.

No Class?

This is a great observation on the more…. functional way of programming software.

I completely agree that using classes sometimes lead to overly complex code and state management that isn’t very desirable.

Designing FOSS 🤯

I think this article has a very good point (to say the least),

The designers I work with wouldn’t be comfortable in open source. The disconnect and the level of commitment (or lack there of) would make it impossible.

This might explain the… ehm… “technical” look and feel of much FOSS. 🤣