SQLite is amazing! Really!

SQLite is production ready. It is essential in both Android and iOS. The number of installs is insane!

Using persistant Redux store

Persisting data seems useful 😁

Index merge in MySQL 🤦‍♀️

A short sweet tale of the inner workings of indices in MySQL.

PostgreSQL pain points


Go + MySQL ??

A short nice to-the-point tutorial demonstrating how to connect to MySQL, create a table and inserting data into it. All in Go.

ProxySQL + delay

A proxy can really save the day.

Databases in the Google Cloud

Options! So many options!

SQL Treasure Chest

This article is a treasure chest of good advice on how to architect your database and queries.

How WordPress works ⚙️

This is a good article on the inner workings of WordPress.

Get info on how WordPress stores, fetches and renders posts/pages/etc..

Tune MySQL on Linux ?

This is some quick and easy tricks to tune your MySQL running on Linux.

Currency in databases ?

Don’t do it!

DB knowlegde for devs

This is full of gems.

The database is not a flawless abstraction for developers – please know your stack ?‍♀️

Poke until it breaks

This seems like a cool tool to find all the smalls cracks in your database!

Use resposibly.

Redirect in PHP ?

A small article on how to do redirects in PHP.

Web dev checklists ✔

This is the most comprehensive list of checklists I have seen to date ?‍?