Node.js benefits 🏄‍♂️

This article sums up the benefits of doing backends in Node.js 🤓

API Authentication overview 🔐

This is a good list to give you an overview!

Serverless on Azure

This article takes you from start to finish building a FaaS on Azure in Go.

Plan your data migration

Everything starts with a good plan.


This small easy guide will teach you to protect your forms!

AWS lambda functions in Go


This is a good starting point.

Case: Gatsby uses WordPress

I like these case studies and articles about why choices where made.

Better WordPress comments

Here are some suggestions how to make WordPress comments and the commenting system better.

Netlify Background Functions

We love Netlify. Now we love it even more ❤

Go + MySQL ??

A short nice to-the-point tutorial demonstrating how to connect to MySQL, create a table and inserting data into it. All in Go.

Securing WordPress

Some of this is security by obscurity. This is fine. In this case it is needed.

Email validation

A small example of email validation for new users – in PHP.

JAMstack + WordPress

The dynamic duo! Read about why it is so awesome!

Famous DDoS attacks

This is a scary list for anyone running a service marketed on realiability.

Scaling WordPress

Step one: Know you have a problem!

This guide helps you identify scaling issues with your hosting solution.

Databases in the Google Cloud

Options! So many options!

Building game servers

You should probably start by building a game ?‍♀️?

API Design Principles

Get them while they are fresh!

WP Security top 5

These are good advice when starting a WordPress site.

Nginx ➡ Envoy

A fascinating story on how the Dropbox team switched out Nginx for Envoy!

This is a very awesome tale.

SQL Treasure Chest

This article is a treasure chest of good advice on how to architect your database and queries.

Shopify Rewrite

This is a great story about a performance driven rewrite.

Anyone with a little interrest in software architecture and/or software performance should read this.

Why JWT?

What are JSON Web Tokens and why should you use them?

REST with your API

Small short article with a good point: API doesn’t have to mean REST via HTTP.

Comparing Go routers ?

This is a very good article summarizing performance of different routing solutions for your Go HTTP server.

Headless WordPress ?‍♀️

What it is and when to use it…

Scaling with few resources

This is a fantastic tale on how to manage your resources when scaling. A very good read.

Reponses in HTTP

A nice summary of HTTP response codes and their meaning.

Basic API security

REST API security 101 – nice article.

Deconstructing a monolith ?

A nice article on how to deconstruct your monolith and end up with microservices.

How WordPress works ⚙️

This is a good article on the inner workings of WordPress.

Get info on how WordPress stores, fetches and renders posts/pages/etc..

C# improves Lambdas

These a small but very good changes. Most welcome indeed.

Tune MySQL on Linux ?

This is some quick and easy tricks to tune your MySQL running on Linux.

Sleeping vs Tickers ⌚

There is an important difference!

Understanding DDOS

These attack types are very much alike.

Try and get a good sense of what you are up against.

A Case for Monolith ?

When everyone is argumenting for microservices we have to remember the monolith and the cases where that is the correct choice.

nginx + HTTP3 and QUIC

This is very good news. This propels the web forward!

Changing WP location ?‍♀️

Short guide to show you how to change your WordPress installation location – URL/domain.

When to use Node.js as backend ?

Check this article to see when it is something for you.

The point about using the same language throughout your stack is strong ?

Guide to reactive microservices ?

A small guide to get started – especially if you are still considering your architecture.

Microservice troubles

This article has some valid points about the challenges of running your setup as microservices.

Playing with files in PHP

A good short introduction to the basic file operations in PHP.

Time and time again…

This whole problem comes from the fact that time is interpreted differently around the world.

One universal time – one truth – would solve this.


JSON example in Go

If you need to parse JSON in Go you can start here…

Speed op JSON parsing (Go) ?

I wonder how much would’ve been saved just by using the non-reflection approach?

This is also a prime example on how to use profiling.

Express in Go ?

Express is very cool in Node – it looks ok in Go.

Finding bugs in drivers ?

This is an interresting tale and really illustrate how working at scale flushes out all the rarest cases.

Funny headers ?‍♀️

These are some create examples of companies using HTTP headers for recruiting.

That is smart – but I wouldn’t expect it to have the largest impact on job applications.

It is worth noting that you can make your own headers and use them to communicate between server and client (or any proxy/cache eg. in between).

Modern CMS dont’s ?

This list kinda paves the way forward for anything wanting to be labelled “a modern CMS”.

Or a checklist to avoid the “modern” label ?

Go Study Guide ?

This is one of the most comprehensive guides I have seen.

Simple CRUD in PHP

This article is super short and super simple.

This is where every beginner should start with PHP.

In my opinion this is way better than starting with composer and pulling in a ton of dependencies before you even get started.

Emojis in Go ?

This is a small library that let’s you use emojis very easily!

(In case you haven’t noticed I really love emojis)

Netlify + Go? ?

This article is just a treasure chest!

Netlify is a very nice way to host frontend – but with this info. you’ll be up and running with a fancy ol’ backend in no time! ?

What platform are you running on?

This article demonstrates how to get information at runtime about the platform your .NET Core program is running on.

Short and simple.

Web dev checklists ✔

This is the most comprehensive list of checklists I have seen to date ?‍?

Logging in Go ?

A nice short introduction to logging in Go.

I can’t recommend logrus enough. It is a really nice package.

Generate social images ?

This is some very cool code! ?

I will surely be using these snippits in the near future! ?

And it is Go – what’s not to like?! ❤️