Full text search engine in Python 🤯

This is such a cool project.

Bitmasks = nicer API

The benefit also is that you learn binary quickly.

What is recursion

This small article describes nicely what recursion is.

What is Big-O?

A short run-through of what Big-O notation is and why you need it.

I’ve said this before – you need to have at least an overview of this stuff if you want to make effective programs.

Adding numbers on computers

Why is 0.1 + 0.2 != 0.3

Clever AI

This is some very practical use of AI.

Go Concurrency is (also) hard

This is a good example of the fact: Concurrency is hard.

Netflix tech

The tech of Netflix is impressive – at this point I am just waiting for middle-out compression! ??

Big O?? ?‍♀️

A short nice article to teach the basics on algorithmic complexity.

Sleeping vs Tickers ⌚

There is an important difference!

Lexer in Go

A very good to-the-point article on how to write a lexer in Go.

Bluring NSFW images

This is very cool!

BCrypt explained

This also explains why you should use bcrypt.

Hashing isn’t enough. Salting is needed. Bcrypt implements this better than you ?

Data generators ?

Data generators are so very cool.


This article gives you ALL the info.!

The history and complete set of details of the compression formats and algorithms.