Go generics is actually cool and easy 🤯

This small nice guide will give you just what you need to get started.

About data factories – how, what and why…

Not all factories are equal.

Should we stop using fonts for icons?

This article has some good arguments – but sometimes it is not possible to find you icons as SVG.

Using persistant Redux store

Persisting data seems useful 😁

Speed up your applications to make your users happy 🎉

Speed has always been a differentiating factor.

go:embed is live now! Easy file embedding in your binaries ❤

Don’t put your context in structs 😳

It makes sense – it will only lead to confusion!

Technical insight into how Go handles HTTP requests 🚀

If you really want to know how it works.

Testing methods + tools for SaaS 🚀

You might need to find tools to fit your solution – but this is a good starting reference.

How the Game Genie worked ☠

This was truly an awesome product.