All input needs a label 👫

Styling and context is important. Adding labels to input gives that.

Finally escaping Node – a small tale 😵

There is no doubt that Javascript sometimes feels like a stretch for the backend.

Some Git tips from the real world! 👀

Git can do a lot. Focus on what you want to do.

Making JavaScript readable by humans 🤓

Style can give you much in readability.

Good comparison of React Native vs. native apps 🙄

You really have to choose what is right for you…

5 cery common mistakes in Go 🤢

Everybody has done this!

Windows is becoming more and more developer friendly! 🥳💰

The Terminal is the trick!

5 awesome features of C# 👓

I bet you didn’t know all of them!

Doors are difficult in games 🚪

Well… Doors! 🤷‍♀️🤯

Creating touples in Python 🐍

Programming maths is awesome in Python.