PM/PO: Meet the users!

This hits the head of the nail!

You have to meet the users/customers!

Microservice troubles

This article has some valid points about the challenges of running your setup as microservices.

Choosing a programming language 😖

At least these are some parameters to choose from and not just a list of languages you should go with.

Just Bash! 😁

This seems like an awesome tool!

It’s just Bash!

File Recovery Tool 📜

This is an amazing new tool.

Responsive React Native 📏

This almost feels like real React (pun intended). 🤓😎

Dark Mode on the web 🕶

This is an excellent guide!

Developer Carreer Advice 😎

This is some good advice.

Playing with files in PHP

A good short introduction to the basic file operations in PHP.

Conditional rendering React

Just to make it clear – this is how you can do it.