State in React 🤓

Read this article if you have problems with state, timing etc. in your React applications – that means, if you work with React you should read this.

Styling React Components 🎨

There are various ways to style React components – all with pros and cons.

Structuring Go Webserver 👷‍♀️

This is certainly one way to do it.

The inspiration from C# and .NET can clearly be observed.

AWS Service Description 🤯

The list of all the AWS services and explenation of their use.

Test Your Network Speed 🦔

Cloudflare can now test your network speed.

Their test is a little more detailed than (the default output from) Netflix eg. – I like it.

Reactive Programming 🚨

This short article makes a case for the reactive programming paradigm.

JSON example in Go

If you need to parse JSON in Go you can start here…

Speed op JSON parsing (Go) 🚗

I wonder how much would’ve been saved just by using the non-reflection approach?

This is also a prime example on how to use profiling.

Emulating small hardware 🎭

I love these kinds of projects!

Fun and entertaining!

systemd vs cron ⏰

After reading this I might consider using systemd timers instead of cron.

But cron is everywhere though…