Testing methods + tools for SaaS 🚀

You might need to find tools to fit your solution – but this is a good starting reference.

How the Game Genie worked ☠

This was truly an awesome product.

A nice guide to dependency injection ⭐

I like it. But is JS/TS really the best option for illustrating this?

State machines = bug free code?

If your code is bug free please hmu

7 virtues of good software design – everybody needs them 🎉

Only seven? 😄

Javascript Clipboard Access! Finally!! 😍

This API is slick and actually supported!

Mobile app MVP? How and why 🤷‍♀️

Short and to the point.

Embedding in Go got way more easy 😵

Embedding files in Go programs just got waaaaaay more easy!

Generics in Go 😄🎆

Here we Go….

Copy/paste in Javascript 🤯

This is easy!