Start making a mobile app

This article has some basics to get you started – they are really somewhat universal, bot relevant at least.

Healthy developer = good developer

In any circumstance your health should be first priority.

And this article has a lot af good advice how to keep that in focus.

Subsea cables

Subsea cables are fascinating and the story about them even more so.


Javascript made JSON win. Trying to make a web page parse XML is a chore.

Apple cheated with the M1

This is cool.

If it is difficult to do with the tool you have you probably need a new tool.

Upload with AJAX

This is cool and to-the-bone.

AJAX/jQuery + PHP.

RISC-V performance

This is a good comparrison – performance per watt is a great measure of true performance.

Switching to PM

Four pros – one con.

A simple note: Not all developers make good managers.

Utilizing browser caching in WP

Telling the browser to cache stuff should really be a priority.

Designing data import

A very comprehensive article on designing good data importers.

This is often overlooked in software that handle structured data – which is a shame because that could stop some users before they even get started.