Securing WordPress

Some of this is security by obscurity. This is fine. In this case it is needed.

Email validation

A small example of email validation for new users – in PHP.

Python Won Science

Of course! Because it is awesome!

Space Grade OS

This is a fascinating story about the operating system that runs space missions.

Command Line completion in Windows

Once again Scott Hanselman with a small and to-the-point tutorial!

File permissions in Linux

A small guide to get you started and get you secure.

Testing Survival Tips

The most important one is number 3: Users come first!

Refreshing the Windows UI

Big ships like Windows doesn’t make sharp turns very well. The amount of users alone is enough to make most development teams be resistant to changing the UI – remember everyone uses Windows and many of them doesn’t know, like or care about technology.

SkyNET much?

I’m pretty sure this is the plot of some sci-fi movie where we all end up dead.

Making better and smarter robots sounds cool though.

JAMstack + WordPress

The dynamic duo! Read about why it is so awesome!