Authentication in React – JWT

This is not limited to React – but a nice guide that shows how you can do it.

React Functional Components + State Management

Yet another article about managing state in functional React components.

Number systems primer – all you need to know

Binary, heximal, decimal – you have it all.

Improve website performance step-by-step

Iteratively improving performance is way better than trying to hammer in a 100 point score in the first try.

WordPress caching explained. All of it!

Caching in CMS’s can be very complex.

SQLite is amazing! Really!

SQLite is production ready. It is essential in both Android and iOS. The number of installs is insane!

Full text search engine in Python 🤯

This is such a cool project.

How GitHub actions throws a lot of log at you

Nobody could’ve predicted “all things in a browser” 25 years ago.

Brilliant explanation of font sizes 😇

You have to read.

Building a progress bar with CSS ✔

This is very cool!